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Popularization of relevant knowledge of table type automatic cross plate shear
2020-03-13 [471]

1、 Overview of yuc.ijzts-1 desk type vane shear tester

"Yuc. Ijzts-1 desk type vane shear tester" is a kind of indoor geotechnical test instrument used to measure the undrained strength (Cu) of soft soil or sensitive clay. It can measure the undrained strength of undisturbed soil at different depths. The instrument uses a clamp to fix the soil sample in the middle of the frame, and turns the handle to make the cross plate head probe into the soil sample for shear test.

2、 Main technical indicators

Specification of cross plate: 12.7mm (diameter) × 25.4mm (height), 25.4mm (diameter) × 50.8mm (height) and 38.1 (diameter) × 76.2mm (height). It can also be customized according to the user's requirements;

Torque sensor: 0-30 n · m, accuracy: 0.3% F.S, resolution: 0.1 N · m, range can be configured according to user requirements;

Shear rate: 0.001-180 degrees / min, stepless speed change; 3 equipped with 480 * 270 high-definition LCD touch screen, real-time display of torque, shear angle and other data, matched with touch key control operation,

4. Touch keyboard control or software control; high speed network communication interface and computer communication; data real-time storage in the collector, offline operation

5. The acquisition and processing software supports win8 / 10 operating system, which is fully automatic acquisition and control. The data can be exported to excel file to draw the shear strength curve of soil samples of different depths and calculate the strength value;

III. instrument components

Control box: switching power supply, touch screen, power socket, network port.

Torque transmission device: frame, lifting parts, stepping motor, coupling, and cross plate.

Torque sensor: measuring range 0-30n · M.

Digital touch screen and data collector.

A set of acquisition and processing software.