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A brief introduction to the four joint variable head automatic permeameter
2020-03-13 [445]

A brief introduction to the four unit automatic permeameter with variable water head

1、 Yc.htzxb4-1 intelligent quadruple variable head automatic permeameter

Yc-htzxb4-1 intelligent quadruple variable head automatic seeker is a kind of indoor geotechnical test instrument used to determine the permeability coefficient of soil. Because the permeability coefficient of cohesive soil is small, it usually needs to complete a test in a few hours or dozens of hours. At present, most units in China adopt manual reading, manual recording and manual calculation, which is generally considered to be a difficult test method, There are many human factors and low work efficiency.

The instrument is designed intelligently on the basis of Darcy's law of penetration, and the structure of the instrument is improved and improved. By using the computer to automatically collect data and process, it does not need to read the data manually, reduces human error, improves work efficiency and test accuracy, and also greatly liberates labor productivity.

2、 Main technical indexes of penetrameter:

The diameter of soil sample is 61.8mm, that is, the area of soil sample is 30cm2

The height of soil sample is 40mm, which is the seepage diameter distance

The sectional area of the variable head plexiglass pipe is 0.785 cm2

The penetration height is 0-1000mm, the minimum resolution is 1mm, and the accuracy error is 0.3% of the full scale

The scope of application of the instrument is silt, silty clay, clay and environmental soil

3、 Components of osmometer

Infiltration vessel: including vessel, ring cutter, O-ring, water pressure tight ring, positioning bolt and pressure screw, upper and lower permeable stone, guide ring and pressure piston.

There are three-way two position ball valve, three-way quick screwed joint and relevant pipelines on the base of the penetrant, and a manual screw reaction device is added on the upper part of the penetrant container to avoid particle loss of the sample.

Water supply tank: capacity up to 5000cm3.  

The water level measuring plate is composed of four groups of plexiglass water level pipes.  

Penetration height 0-1000mm.  

A set of acquisition and processing software.