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Introduction of basic knowledge of dynamic triaxial apparatus
2020-03-13 [470]

Overview of intelligent dynamic triaxial tester

The "yuc.izzd-1a" dynamic triaxial test instrument is developed from static triaxial test. By applying simulated active stress to the sample, it studies whether the objects in nature, such as earthquake, wave impact, mechanical vibration, explosion and high-speed movement, have damage to the vibration force of the foundation. At the same time, the dynamic response of the specimen under dynamic load is measured. This kind of reaction is multifaceted, and the basic and main ones are the relationship between dynamic stress (or dynamic principal stress ratio) and corresponding dynamic strain (σ D - ε D or σ 1 / σ 3 - ε d), and the relationship between dynamic stress and corresponding pore water pressure. According to the relative relationship among stress, strain and pore pressure, the dynamic elastic modulus, dynamic deformation modulus and damping ratio of excavated soil can be calculated, which can be used for dynamic analysis of soil structure. Meanwhile, the dynamic strength of excavated soil includes liquefaction index, liquefaction strength, stability of foundation and structure under dynamic action of soil, dynamic elastic parameters and viscoelastic parameters, and The behavior of soil sample under the action of dynamic stress simulating some actual vibration.