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Suzhou Yuchuang successfully develops precision air pressure controller
2020-03-13 [483]

Brief introduction of yc.gc-1a precision air pressure controller

Function overview:

▲ wireless communication air pressure controller. Compared with the traditional RS-485 communication mode, the communication line is omitted, the system networking is more simple, the communication is more stable and reliable, and the field in-situ test is convenient.

▲ the air pressure controller adopts the original imported non consumption type pressure stabilizing valve. A low-pressure low-power air compressor (750W, 30L, 0.7MPa) can supply 32 air pressure consolidators at the same time. The unique air source filtration monitoring control circuit ensures that the pressure stabilizing valve does not undergo excessive adjustment, prolongs the service life of the pressure stabilizing valve, and makes the air pressure controller more reliable.

▲ adopt modular design, select industrial level components; adopt photoelectric and magnetoelectric isolation technology between core processor MCU unit and ADC acquisition unit, DAC output unit, IO control output unit and wireless communication unit, so as to eliminate mutual interference between units, ensure stable and reliable air pressure output, and facilitate function expansion.

▲ the air pressure controller can receive the control command and parameter data of the host in real time and wirelessly send back the current air source pressure, consolidation pressure, controller working state and other parameters.

▲ Chinese resistance touch control LCD screen, simple and reliable operation.

▲ after abnormal power failure, the test status and data will not be lost, and the test will be restored automatically after power supply.

▲ the air pressure controller has the wireless communication link quality monitoring function. If the controller communication is abnormal, the test will not automatically enter the next level until the communication link returns to normal or the fault is manually removed.

Working power supply of air pressure controller: AC 220V (± 10%).

Technical parameters (sample area 30cm2):

▲ pressure range: 0-3200kpa.

Sensitivity: no more than 0.1% f · s.

▲ control accuracy: when the test pressure is ≤ 100 kPa, the error shall not exceed ± 1.0kpa;

When the test pressure is more than 100 kPa, the error shall not exceed ± 1.0% f · s.

Response time: ≤ 2S.

The output pressure can be adjusted continuously and can be set arbitrarily.