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Introduction of technical features of data wireless transmission consolidation instrument
2020-03-13 [464]

Suzhou Yuchuang Fluid Technology Co., Ltd

Brief introduction of yc.yjzqz16-1b air pressure Consolidator

(data wireless transmission)

1. Instrument features

1.1 air pressure controller

The imported proportional valve is used to control the air pressure. When the air pressure control is stable, the controller does not consume additional air source, and the working time of the same air source can be greatly extended. The vessel can be pressurized at the same time without grouping in one step to ensure monotonous pressure growth. Touch screen display control, data will be automatically stored, easy to operate.

1.2 advantages of the whole machine

The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, small volume, light weight, quick and convenient installation and less gas consumption;

The whole experiment process is controlled by computer, and the operation is simple without manual intervention;

Wireless data transmission, simple and beautiful, low energy consumption;

Sensor detection, calibration and correction function, ensure the accuracy of measurement, and have automatic protection function;

The acquisition and processing software is compatible with the existing computer and operating system, easy to use and free to upgrade;

1.3 wireless data transmission

1.3.1 technical indicators

Range: 0-10 mm; accuracy: 0.3% FS; resolution: 0.001mm

Wireless transmission cycle: 1Hz (once per second); transmission distance: 50m (sight distance)

Transmission rate: 250kbps; frequency band: 2.4ghz-2.483ghz;

Standby current: < 6ua; transmitting power: > 1dbm; power supply: dc3.6v battery power supply

1.3.2 technical features:

High integration: Based on the existing general volume dial indicator, integrate power supply, data acquisition and wireless transmission, keep the original dial indicator reading, increase the thickness slightly without changing the original dial indicator structure function, that is, realize all functions of automatic data acquisition and transmission, with high integration, which can replace the collector, power line and communication in the current conventional test system No connection is needed for communication line, etc., which is convenient for in-situ test.

Very low power consumption: due to the use of very low power wireless transceiver chip and data acquisition chip, the power consumption of the whole system is very low, and the service life of a single battery is more than three years.

High precision: special acquisition chip is used, 14 bit AD acquisition (resolution 16384 code), and the resolution of dial indicator within 12mm range can reach 0.001mm.

High transmission rate and large system capacity: wireless transmission rate reaches 250kbps, which is greatly improved compared with 9.6kbps of traditional serial communication on the basis of stability and reliability. A receiver can receive more than 250 channel data at the same time (meet the requirement of data update once per second).

Strong compatibility: it can be compatible with other types of sensors and instruments. The control and data collection of all types of instruments can be sent by wireless, and only one receiving terminal is required.

Strong anti-interference ability: compared with the traditional wired RS485 transmission, the communication has strong anti-interference ability, AD conversion between channels is completely independent, and there is no crosstalk.

2. Technical indicators

Pressure range: 0-1600kpa; 0-3200kpa

Sensitivity: medium and low pressure: < 0.5 kPa; high pressure: < 2 kPa;

Pressure: 0-100 kPa; error: ≤± 1kPa;

Pressure: 100-1600 kPa; relative error: ≤± 1.0%;

Zero point adjustable; loading time: < 1s;