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Automatic unconfined compressive strength tester
2020-03-13 [442]

1、 Overview of automatic unconfined compressive strength tester

Stk.wcx-ii is used to measure the unconfined compressive strength of natural soil, so that the ultimate strength of the specimen to resist axial pressure without lateral pressure.

The sensitivity of soil refers to the ratio of unconfined compressive strength of undisturbed soil to that of remolded soil. The small principal stress of the specimen under unconfined condition is zero, while the limit of the large principal stress is unconfined compressive strength. Before the failure of brittle soil, the fracture surface may appear on the surface, while the failure surface of saturated soft clay generally does not. Therefore, when the saturated clay sample is damaged, because the water is too late to be removed, the excess hydrostatic pressure will replace the effective pressure, and the friction will not work. In this case, the undrained strength of the soil can be indirectly calculated by the unconfined compressive strength.

2、 Main technical indexes of automatic unconfined compressive strength tester:

Soil sample specification: 39.1mm * 80mm / 61.8mm * 120mm or other

Displacement: 0-50mm, accuracy 0.3%

Axial pressure: 0-20000n, accuracy 0.3% (axial pressure can be equipped with other ranges according to user requirements)

Automatic loading and unloading, stepless speed change

The instrument has the function of automatic data acquisition, processing and field printing

3、 Main components:

High precision 2T elevator and motor

Reaction frame device

control device

Portable printer

Upper computer software